Updated on January 13, 2017: iOS 10 Jailbreak is available with Yalu Jailbreak but it is not stable. It is recommended to wait for a stable version. However, you can still Download Cydia on iOS 10 with Yalu. iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak is stable with Pangu Jailbreak Tool. iOS 9.1 jailbreak is already available but iOS 9.2 jailbreak and iOS 9.3 jailbreak is still on its way.

As iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9 jailbreak is released, it is a must to download Cydia and install Cydia download to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Over the years, the jailbreak community is getting bigger because most people who install Cydia rarely uninstall it from their iOS device. This is happening because Cydia acts as a portal to their world of free apps and free games. Other than that, there is a huge range of Cydia apps give you the ability to change the look of your iPhone or iPad which Apple does not allow. With Cydia installed, a user can download themes from Cydia App Store and change the entire look of an iPhone or iPad. Some apps even allow an iPhone user to customize the icon and wallpaper.


In order to download Cydia to an iOS device, it is unavoidable to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking is a process to remove all the restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple. This is to allow third party software to access the root of the iOS operating system. Thanks to all the great developers in the world, there are many ready made software, program, and apps available in the marketplace to assist you the jailbreak process. Of course, some of them are free while some are not.

Download Cydia on iOS 11

Currently there is no way to download Cydia on iOS 11. We are still waiting for some genius out there to share us their software!


Download Cydia on iOS 10

To use Cydia on iOS 10 devices such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you can try iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak method. For those who want to use Cydia on iOS 10 without jailbreak, Cyrus Installer or vShare iOS 10 might be a good option for you.


Download Cydia on iOS 9

iOS 9 Jailbreak is now available. You can jailbreak any iOS 9 devices with Pangu Jailbreak and download Cydia iOS 9 to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch within 10 minutes. On March 2016, Pangu released iOS 9.1 jailbreak. The steps to jailbreak iOS 9.1 is similar with the guide here. For detail iOS 9 Jailbreak guide, see How To Jailbreak iOS 9-9.0.2 with Pangu.

Updated on August 1, 2016: iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is now available and you can download Cydia to iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 devices using Pangu Jailbreak. Follow the free guide here to jailbreak and download Cydia on iOS 9.3.3.


Download Cydia on iOS 8 with Pangu


Technology is moving very fast. The speed is as fast as the bullet train in Japan. Few weeks ago the iOS 8 has just released by Apple and few days ago the jailbreak for iOS 8 is already available. For those who want to jailbreak and download Cydia to their iOS 8 device, you can now do it with Pangu jailbreak tools. The steps are:


Step 1: Backup your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPod Touch or any iOS 8 devices with iTunes.


Step 2: Download Pangu jailbreak tools online from the official website to either a Windows PC or Mac. Install it right away after the download is completed.


Step 3: Connect your iOS 8 device to your computer. Open Pangu and let it recognize your iOS 8 device.


Step 4: Click on the Restore button in Pangu to install a fresh iOS firmware to your iOS device.


Step 5: On your iOS 8 device, go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock. Select NEVER to disable the auto-lock.


Step 6: Now, go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. Select OFF.


Step 7: Again, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone / Find My iPad / Find My iPod. Disable it.


Step 8: If you are jailbreaking an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S/4, set it to Airplane Mode.


Step 9: Now back to Pangu in your computer. Click Start Jailbreak. Within a few minutes, Pangu will jailbreak your iOS 8 device and download Cydia to it without human intervention. Refer to download Cydia for iOS 8 for more details.


Download Cydia with Jailbreak Apps


Whether you are running on iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, or other iOS version, there are ways to jailbreak and download Cydia to it. Now here is some of the latest jailbreak program that comes with Cydia. These programs install Cydia automatically during the process and all you have to do is enable Cydia installation during the process. While Cydia is an important member of jailbreak family, some of these jailbreak programs install Cydia by default.


P0sixspwn – It is free to use p0sixspwn to jailbreak an iOS device and it is also free to install Cydia during the process. p0sixspwn supports iOS 6 jailbreak and it is now moving forward for iOS 7 jailbreak.


Evasi0n –Evasi0n is one of the latest and also one of the most popular jailbreak tools today. Evasi0n was first released in February 2013 and now the evasi0n7 has just released for iOS 7.


Absinthe – Absinthe is one of the most frequent mentioned names when it comes to jailbreak. It was released on May 2012 and also receives a lot of good feedback.


Redsn0w – Redsn0w gives you the easiest way to jailbreak an iOS device and it install Cydia within minutes.


Seas0npass – This jailbreak tool comes with a tethered boot option. It provides untethered jailbreak with Cydia packed in.


JailbreakMe – JailbreakMe is considered an old method to jailbreak an iOS device but this web based third party application is still a good way to gives you Cydia.


See also: How to download and install Cydia on iPhone 4, How to get Cydia Installer for free, and How to install Cydia on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S manually, How to update Cydia.


Download Cydia


Download Cydia Manually


The aforementioned programs are just a few popular way to download Cydia on an iOS device. There are other alternatives you can try too. However, if you prefer to download Cydia manually to your iOS device, these are a few easy steps to follow. You can also follow these steps to reinstall Cydia if you accidentally deleted the application.


Step 1: It is inexorable to skip the jailbreak process to get Cydia. Thus, the first thing to do is to jailbreak it. You may skip this step if you want to reinstall Cydia.


Step 2: Now you will need to download the latest Cydia DEB file. The latest Cydia DEB file for iPhone can be downloaded here. Saved the DEB file it into any location in your computer. It works on both Windows PC and Mac OS.


Step 3: Download a SFTP software. You can use WinSCP, Filezilla for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac OS.


Step 4: Launch the SFTP program and connect your iOS device with your computer. Locate the DEB file you downloaded and SSH it to your iOS device. Place it to /private/var/mobile/documents/.


Step 5: Tap on the DEB file from your iOS device. From the selection of ZIP, Viewer, Unarchiver, and Installer, tap Installer. The installation process will begins. Tap “Done” once the process is finished. Go back to your home screen and you will see the sweet brown Cydia icon is there.


Does this article help you to understand how to install Cydia? Please leave your question or share your thoughts with the comment box below. Please also share it out if you have a better way to download Cydia to an iOS device. Now you have got Cydia, it is time to hunt for the best Cydia apps and you should check out the top 10 Cydia tweaks of all time and top Cydia themes of all time.


It is harder to jailbreak an iOS 10 device compared to iOS 8 and iOS 9 (download Cydia iOS 9). This is because the team behind Apple has imposed a stronger algorithm in iOS 10. PanGu, Yalu and TaiG are still working their best to hack the operating system root comes with an iOS 10 device. However, it doesn’t means you can’t use Cydia apps anymore. Thanks to an amazing app introduced by a reader of CydiaWater lately, you can now install Cydia Apps on iOS 10.3.3 without jailbreak.


The name of this app is called Cyrus Installer. It is not a Cydia alternative but a third-party app that allows you to install tons of jailbreak apps to the latest iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPod Touch as well as any devices running iOS 10.3.3 or above. Cyrus Installer is now one of the most popular app in the market for iOS 10 users because all the previous famous apps are no longer work on iOS 10.3.3. For example, vShare, AppCake, Kuaiyong and others. Other than free jailbreak apps, Cyrus also allows you to play cracked games on iOS 10 devices. You have an option to download Emu4iOS, GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS and many other emulators to run games.

Cyrus Installer

How to Install Cyrus Installer on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak


According to the information from jailbreak communities, Cyrus Installer has been downloaded by thousands of Apple users who want to run jailbreak apps on their non-jailbreak device. In addition, Cyrus Installer is capable to run on the latest iOS 11 as well. For those who want to try jailbreak apps on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreak, you can follow the step by step guide below to install Cyrus Installer.


Step 1: Download Cyrus Installer iPA files as well as Cydia Impactor. Make sure you download the version according to your operating systems, either MacOS or Windows. Install iTunes on your PC if you don’t have it yet.


Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable.


Step 3: Pair your iDevice with your computer using iTunes.


Step 4: Once your iDevice is paired, open Cydia Impactor and drag Cyrus iPA file to the program.


Step 5: Cydia Impactor will prompt you to enter your Administrator password, password, and other details. Enter all and continue to install.


Step 6: Follow the step by step guide on screen to continue install Cyrus Installer.


Step 7: Now you can run Cyrus Installer to install jailbreak apps. Trust the developer profile before using Cyrus Installer if it is not working.


You will be amazed by the number of apps, tweaks and games available in the database. Last but not least, leave a comment of how do you feel about Cyrus Installer after using it.

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